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How to Change the Height of a Pottery Barn Swivel Chair

Kallie Johnson

Pottery Barn, founded in 1949, is a company that manufactures home furniture and decor. Pottery Barn makes different types of swivel desk chairs with adjustable heights. This allows for proper ergonomic alignment between your work desk, computer and chair.

An adjustable swivel chair allows for correct ergonomic positioning at a desk.

Pottery Barn adjustable chairs either have a lever or a knob that can be used to adjust the chair. Either way is fairly straightforward, and neither method requires the use of tools.

Swivel Chair with an Adjustable Lever

  1. Locate the lever on the chair. It will be on the side, underneath the chair seat. Hold the lever downward, and the seat will lower.

  2. Adjust the chair height by moving the seat up or down. The seat will only move while the lever is being held downward.

  3. Release the lever once the seat is at the proper height. Sit in the chair to ensure the seat is at the correct height for you.

Swivel Chair with an Adjustable Knob

  1. Locate the adjustable knob on the front of the chair. It is the knob directly under the seat.

  2. Turn the knob to the left, or counterclockwise, to loosen it. Once the knob is loosened, the seat will lower downward.

  3. Lift or lower the seat to the correct position.

  4. Hold the seat position in place with one hand, while tightening the knob with the other hand. Turn the knob to the right, or clockwise, to tighten it.