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How to Convert a Rolling Chair to a Stationary Chair

Frank Martin

Office chairs are often equipped with castors or wheels to enable movement. However, a time may come when you no longer need the mobility of an office chair. You can convert a rolling chair into a stationary chair quickly and easily by removing the wheels on the bottom of the chair.

Many office chairs are able to roll and can be converted to be stationary.
  1. Place the chair on its back so that the wheels are off the floor and facing you.

  2. Remove alll wheels. Depending on the chair, this can by done in two different ways. Hold the chair tightly and simply pull the wheels out of the legs/base of the chair. If wheels are held in place with bolts, turn the bolts counter-clockwise until the wheel is released.

  3. Glue on protective padding to the chair legs. You can get pre-cut felt, cork or rubber pads or get a sheet and cut it to size. The padding will protect the floor from damage.


Be careful when sitting in the chair for the first time, to make sure the integrity of the chair was not affected during wheel removal.

Test the chair for stability. Turn chair right side up and carefully sit down.