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How to Adjust a HON Chair

Todd Campitelli

HON was started in 1944 by an engineer, industrial designer and advertising executive as a home furnishings company looking to provide jobs for soldiers returning from World War II. By 1950, HON had become one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture. HON makes a variety of office products, including desks, tables and chairs. Known for their adjustability, HON office chairs can be adjusted for maximum ergonomics and comfort for the user. Everything from seat height, depth, tilt, posture and armrests can be fully adjusted in an HON chair.

  1. Adjust the seat height pull on the actuator lever located on the bottom right side of the seat near the back. To lower the seat, lift the actuator lever while seated. Your weight will cause the seat to lower, and you can release the lever when you have reached your desired height. To raise the seat, shift your weight forward while pulling on the lever. The seat will rise and you can release the lever when you have properly adjusted the height to your liking.

  2. Adjust the seat back by loosening the knob under the seat cushion. You can slide the seat back to your preferred depth and tighten the knob to lock into place.

  3. Adjust the seat back height adjustment by either loosening a knob on the back of the seat or engaging a seat height adjustment lever, also located on the back of the chair. The seat back height will rise or lower and you can lock into place by tightening the knob or releasing the lever.

  4. Adjust the seat glide by pulling on the actuator lever located on the bottom left side of the seat. Shift the seat forward or back, and, when satisfied, release the lever.

  5. Adjust the seat tilt by pulling on a small knob located on the right side of the chair. Rotate the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the seat tilt. When finished, push the knob back in to engage the tilt lock.

  6. Adjust the arm width by loosening the arm width knob located on the bottom of the chair seat. Slide the chair arms in or out and lock into place by tightening the knob.

  7. Adjust the arm height by gently pulling on the front of the armrest. The armrests will move in half-inch increments.