How Can I Raise My Dining Room Chairs When They Are Too Low?

Often the height of the dining table, chair and person sitting are disproportionate and may lead to an uncomfortable dining experience.

Dining room chairs need to be level with the table.

If this is the case, the height of a chair, and most pieces of furniture, can be adjusted with the help of a device called a furniture leg raiser, which you can get wherever furniture and furniture accessories are sold.

  1. Determine the desired height of the chairs. Do this by measuring with a ruler or by using a stack of books or seat cushions. Place the books or cushions on the chair and sit down on them. Remove or add books or cushions until the desired height is reached, and measure the height of the books or cushions with a ruler. This number is the height of leg extender needed.

  2. Search locally or on the Internet for furniture and furniture accessory stores and inquire about leg extenders. Many furniture stores carry furniture extenders in many sizes, colors and styles to fit specific needs. Browse through the selection for the style and color that best blend in with those of the dining room chairs. They're typically available in sets of four. Purchase as many sets as needed for the dining room chairs.

  3. Place the extenders on the legs of the chairs. Most furniture leg extenders will slide on or may need to be secured with a few taps from a rubber mallet. Sit on the chair to make sure it has been raised the desired height.