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How to Identify a Drexel Dining Chair

Emily Weller

Drexel Heritage is an American furniture company that has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century. The company has done much to further American furniture design and partnered with outside designers since the 1950s in order to create bold, new designs. Drexel dining chairs have changed in design and style over the years, but always are made from fine hardwood and with exquisite upholstery.

Step 1

Inspect the chair's quality and craftsmanship. If it is made of cheap wood, such as pine, or if it is not well put together, it is not a Drexel chair.

Step 2

Look for an item number on the underside of the chair. Drexel dining chairs that are less than 40 years old have a six-digit number printed on the chair.

Step 3

Contact the company through its website, www.drexelheritage.com,with the item number. Someone from Drexel will get back to you with the collection the chair comes from, if it is in fact a Drexel chair. They also may be able to tell you when it was produced.

Step 4

Take the chair to an appraiser. If you cannot find an item number on the chair or if no one at the company recognizes the number, bring your dining chair to someone who is trained to identify and value antiques.