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How to Ship a Rocking Chair

Kimberlee Leonard

Sending a large furniture item such as a rocking chair poses several concerns. You need to think about how to best protect the item during the move and you also need to find a shipping company that can deal with an item such as a rocking chair. Gather quotes from at least three companies to find the best rates.

How to Ship a Rocking Chair

Step 1

Lock a gliding style rocking chair so it doesn't move. Look for a locking mechanism under the chair. Remove the rocker part or otherwise secure the areas of movement if the chair does not have a lock. Skip to step two if you have a traditional grandfather rocker.

Step 2

Wrap cardboard around the ends of the rockers on the bottom, as well as on the arm rests.

Step 3

Tape the cardboard securely around the rockers and arm rests, being very careful to not get tape on the chair itself, as tape can damage the finish on a rocking chair.

Step 4

Place bubble wrap around the chair, making sure to adequately pad the rockers, arm rests and wood trim.

Step 5

Wrap the chair with a generous amount of plastic wrap, tightly covering the entire chair and its packaging materials.

Step 6

Create a large address label with the shipping and delivery addresses as well as contact phone numbers for you and the recipient. Use clear packing tape to adhere this to the chair, completely covering the paper so it is water-resistant.

Step 7

Contact a freight shipper such as Transit Systems, U Ship or Freight Center. Provide the approximate weight and description of the chair for a direct quote on shipping the item from one location to the other. Inquire as to whether the chair needs a box to make sure that cost is included in the quote. Call two to three companies to find the best rates. Make arrangements for pickup once you have made your final choice.

Step 8

Meet the freight shipper for pickup and follow up with the recipient for the arrival time.