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How to Assemble a Lazy Boy Chair

Blaze Johnson

La-Z-Boy produces recliner chairs as well as other various furniture types throughout the world. Even though La-Z-Boy recliners come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, assembling one is a simple task that almost anyone can accomplish. A La-Z-Boy reclining chair comes packaged in a large box with adequate packaging material. Because your new La-Z-Boy chair can weigh a substantial amount, have a helper assist you when carrying it inside your home.

Step 1

Open the box that contains your La-Z-Boy recliner chair. Rather than trying to lift the two chair sections out of the box, break the box apart at the corners and slide the flattened box from underneath the chair’s base. Do not use a pair of scissors or box cutter to open or flatten the box, as you will run the risk of cutting into the chair.

Step 2

Free the chair of any packing material and protective plastic. Position the bottom of the chair back so it lays over the rear of the chair’s base, between the arms of the chair. Locate slide brackets on both the bottom left and right side of the chair’s back.

Step 3

Locate the inside slide brackets on the right and left side of the chair’s base. Position yourself behind the chair and lift the top of the chair back toward you while keeping the bottom portion in between the arms of the chair.

Step 4

Align the slide brackets of the chair back evenly over the brackets located on the base. Once aligning the brackets, push downward on the chair’s back so the brackets on the back will slide into the brackets on the base. Double-check that the back of the chair slides into the base evenly.

Step 5

Locate the locking levers on the left and right bracket. Use a flat-head screwdriver to push both locking levers down in order to secure the chair back to its base. Secure the fabric cover attached to the chair back over the bottom portion of the base using the fastening tape supplied on both the base and under side of the fabric flap.