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How to Make a Slipcover for a Lazy Boy

Amy Lukavics

Slipcovers are fabric pieces that are placed over couches and arm chairs to either give them a new look or protect them from dust and general wear. While there are many different types of Lazy Boy fitting slipcovers available for purchase in stores and online, it is possible to make your own using nothing more than some fabric and upholstery pins. Upholstery pins are unique pins that will enable you to make a slipcover for your Lazy Boy without requiring any sewing expertise.

  1. Measure your Lazy Boy using a measuring tape to know how much fabric you'll need. Measure from the bottom of the back, up the back, over the front and the seat to the other side of the bottom. Also measure how wide the chair is from floor to floor. Add 3 inches to each measurement to allow room for tucking and pinning.

  2. Drape the fabric of your choice centered over the Lazy Boy. Use your hands to tuck the fabric around the arm rest and seat.

  3. Secure the fabric to the Lazy Boy using upholstery pins. Place the sharp part of the pin against the fabric and chair and twist clockwise to embed the pin until it will no longer turn. Use the pins every 6 inches to pin the fabric to the chair frame beneath the bottom and around the sides of the cushion.

  4. Smooth out the fabric with your hands and re-adjust any pins as needed.