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How to Reupholster Vinyl Couches

Sarah Jones

Vinyl couches are a common piece of furniture because of their versatility and durability. Over time, the vinyl may get old and worn and may need to be reupholstered to get a new look and to spring up your living room. Reupholstering is cheaper than purchasing a new couch and takes minimal time and effort.

Step 1

Remove the old vinyl upholstery by removing the staples and upholstery tacks that hold it to the couch. Use needle-nose pliers to gently pull them away. Gently pull away the fabric, making sure not to rip it as it will be used as a template for the new vinyl fabric.

Step 2

Remove the old batting from the couch cushions. Remove the old upholstery tacks with the pliers. Insert new batting, and secure it by hammering in new upholstery tacks with a mallet.

Step 3

Place the old vinyl fabric on top of the new fabric. Cut around the old fabric with scissors, leaving about 3 inches of additional fabric around the outside edge.

Step 4

Move the couch onto its backside. Pull the new vinyl fabric onto the couch frame. Staple the new vinyl with a staple gun along the frame, leaving 2 inches between each staple.

Step 5

Drape the dangling fabric over the arms of the couch. Fold the fabric closest to the back of the couch forward. Cut a slit in the middle of the upholstery fabric and wrap the fabric over the back of the couch's arm. Staple it into place with a staple gun, making sure to leave 2 inches between each staple.