How to Make a Slipcover for a Dual Recliner Loveseat

Amy Lukavics

If you cover a dual recliner love seat using a single, premade love seat slipcover, you may achieve the look you desire but the recliner will lose its function. By making a homemade slipcover for your dual recliner love seat, you may customize the piece to ensure that the furniture can function as usual.

Upholstery pins make the project doable for even those with very little sewing experience and can be found in some craft and home stores as well as online.

  1. Measure the surface area of exactly half of the duel recliner love seat, using a measuring tape. Only measure half because the slipcover will be made using two pieces to allow each recliner to function independently. When you are finished, add 3 inches to each measurement to allow room for hemming and tucking later on.

  2. Cut two pieces of the slipcover fabric of your choice to match the measurements taken earlier with a pair of scissors.

  3. Fold the outer 1/2-inch of fabric over, around the perimeter of each piece of fabric, and secure with sewing pins.

  4. Stitch the folded edges to hem using a needle and thread or loaded sewing machine.

  5. Drape one of the pieces of fabric over half of the love seat (one of the recliners.) Use your hands to smooth the fabric over the back, front and side of the recliner.

  6. Make your way around the bottom edge of the fabric, tucking or folding it underneath or around the edge of the recliner and securing with a twist-in upholstery pin every three to four inches. Besides the outer edge, use the pins to secure the fabric on the inside of the recliner's arm.

  7. Repeat with the other side of the love seat, using the other piece of fabric, so that the entire duel recliner love seat is covered.