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How to Make a Squab Cushion

Myra Smith

Squab cushions have been in use for centuries. They were originally conceived to protect expensive carved and caned furniture. In this modern age, squab cushions for chairs or sofas provide more depth and comfortable seating. Squab cushions sometimes feature ties to secure them to the furniture. In this article, you will learn to make a squab cushion using foam for padding and featuring corded trim and a zipper for easy removal for laundering.

Squab Cushion With Ties
    Squab Cushion
  1. Lay fabric with right sides together. Cut two squares 19 inches by 19 inches. Cut the fabric for the sides or boxing of the squab cushion five inches wide by 54 inches long. Sew two pieces together if necessary to get the length required. Cut one piece of fabric six inches wide by 28 inches long. Fold this piece in half and cut. The two pieces will then be three inches wide by 28 inches long. These are for the zipper. You will also need two pieces one and one-half inches wide and 72 inches long. Sew pieces together as needed to reach the required length, pressing seams open.

  2. Cording for Squab Cushions
  3. Fold the one-and-one-half-inch pieces around the cording and sew using a zipper foot. Stitch as close to the cording as you can, being careful not to catch the cording in the stitches. Using the pieces cut for the zipper, fold over one-half inch and stitch to the zipper, leaving at least one-half inch of fabric at each end of the zipper. This finished zipper piece will then be five inches wide. The zipper will extend around the corners of the squab cushion. This wider opening makes the foam easier to insert in the cushion cover.

  4. Sew one end of the fabric cut for the side pieces (five inches wide) to one end of the zipper piece. Place the cording on the right side of the boxing, matching raw edges. Extend the cording one inch over the ends of the boxing fabric. Stitch the cording to both sides of the boxing using the zipper foot.

  5. Squab Cushion on Dining Chairs
  6. Place one of the fabric pieces cut for the seat part of the cushion face down on the corded boxing, matching edges. Stitch the cover to the boxing, squaring the corners by inserting the machine needle down and adjusting the fabric to form a square corner. Remember the zipper will extend around the sides of the cushion. Leave an equal amount of the zipper piece on each side. Sew the open ends of the boxing together, trimming off any excess. Attach the second cover section using the same method used for the first section. Turn the cushion right side out.

  7. Squab Cushion with Buttons
  8. Wrap the foam cushion core in the quilt batting and place inside the completed squab cushion cover. The quilt batting gives the cushion a nice feel and appearance.