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How to Make a Sofa Into a Loveseat

Kelly O'Brien Ritchie

New furniture can be expensive and it is often difficult to find a love seat to match your existing furniture while physically fitting into the living room. It is possible to modify an old sofa to become a new love seat. This option is a great way to save money and recycle old furniture.

Converting an old sofa into a brand new love seat can give your living room a fresh, updated look.

By converting an old sofa, you can create a love seat that not only complements your decor, but fits the room you plan to place it in.

  1. Take the existing staples out of the upholstery fabric using a staple remover or flat head screwdriver. Remove the old fabric. Remove the existing batting and foam if it is in poor shape, as it will need to be replaced. Measure the length of the sofa you plan to convert to a love seat using the measuring tape and mark the area to be cut with the pencil.

  2. Use the reciprocating saw to cut the sofa to the length of the love seat, and then cut the sofa arm off. Sand the cut edges of the sofa and arm to fit snugly together. Drill holes through the wood pieces using the smaller drill bit before screwing them together to prevent the wood from splitting. Screw the arm to the remainder of the sofa using the drill.

  3. Measure the final dimensions of the love seat to determine the amount of foam, batting and upholstery fabric required. Purchase the materials needed to recover the love seat. Measure and cut the foam and fabric to fit the furniture piece.

  4. Arrange the foam to fit around the arm, back and seating areas of the love seat. Wrap it with batting and staple it on using the staple gun. Sew the fabric together with a sewing machine and fit it over the foam and love seat.

  5. Cover the backside of the love seat. Staple along the top edge, turn the love seat upside down and staple the fabric along the bottom hidden edge. Place the fabric piece over the back, stapling it along the top edge over the previously stapled piece, then along the sides and bottom. Place the fabric for the armrests on, stapling both sides along the hidden areas. Staple the fabric piece for the bench seat to the top inside edge, turn it over and staple along the underside of the love seat.


Work outdoors or in a workshop for easy cleanup. The old fabric can be used as a pattern for the new fabric, if desired.


Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes when using the saw.