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What Is My Ficks Reed Chair Worth?

Laurie Brenner
Table of Contents

The quality and condition of your Ficks Reed chair determines its ultimate value, which can start as low as $50 and go as high as $600 and up, at the time of publication. As time passes, the prices will likely go up, as fewer of these furnishings become available.

Ficks Reed was the go-to furniture manufacturer for rattan and bamboo furniture similar to the styles pictured.

It all depends on what someone is willing to pay for a Ficks Reed chair or set, which go for much higher prices than do single items. Because the company no longer produces furniture, a small collectibles market is heating up the cost of these furnishings.

Company Background

Now that the company no longer makes outdoor and wicker furniture, existing furniture pieces are increasing in value and highly sought as collectibles. The Ficks Reed Furniture Company, established in 1885, closed its manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2011. During its heyday, Ficks Reed Furniture worked with interior design and decorator icons to produce special designer lines, which have a greater value today.

The Chair's Age

The age of your Ficks Reed chair drives the price for which you can sell it. But the price can go down if it doesn't have the company's hallmark logo -- a palm tree -- or something that identifies it as an authentic Ficks Reed chair, such as a tag or accompanying purchase paperwork. Highly collectible Ficks Reed chairs date to the styles and designs of many of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s designers that the company joined forces with to produce furniture.

The Furniture's Condition

The more scratches and nicks found on your Ficks Reed chair, the lower the price. Common sense dictates that items in pristine quality go for higher prices. Used chairs sold while the company was still in business generated about $50 a chair at the time, but now that the company is out of business, prices have gone up. Chairs made during the 1950s and 1960s are highly sought after, making these chairs worth more than chairs from other design periods.

The Piece's Rarity

The more rare the piece, the higher the price. For example, an online auction site, at the time of publication, lists a rare 1960s Ficks Reed rattan recliner and club armchair with an asking price of $599. But that doesn't mean the item will sell for that, or sell at all, as the seller also lists an option for buyers to make offers lower than the selling price.

Other Furniture Finds

Ficks Reed didn't just make patio furniture or indoor rattan furnishing; the company also dabbled in one-of-a-kind mirrors, headboards and complete sets that included lounge chairs, ottomans and coffee tables. Other furniture items the company made include bamboo armoires, sofas, loungers, tables, end tables and even dressers.