How to Have Natuzzi Leather Sofa Cushions Restuffed

Christopher Godwin

Natuzzi is an Italian manufacturer of leather and fabric sofas and chairs, with its products generally regarded as high-quality pieces of furniture. However, after years of use or through manufacturer defect, sofa cushions can start to look flat or feel uncomfortable.

When that happens, the cushions must be restuffed with appropriate filling to return the sofa to its original look. When restuffing sofa cushions, you also have the ability to change the sofa to fit your style of décor, if you have made changes since you originally bought the sofa.


If you know of no upholsterers in your area, contact Natuzzi directly for a referral.

  1. Conclude what style of décor you desire. While most Natuzzi leather sofas are fairly contemporary in design, many have a more transitional look that can be used with more eclectic or traditional furniture styles.

  2. Contact the furniture store where you purchased the sofa, if you feel the sofa is defective and the cushions are worn due to regular use. In most cases, Natuzzi sofas have a warranty, depending on the seller, that will allow cushions to be restuffed and fabric or leather replaced, if the product shows excessive wear through normal use.

  3. Locate a reputable upholsterer who has worked with Natuzzi leather sofas. While many of the basic details of Natuzzi sofas are similar to other brands of sofa, there are certain features specific to Natuzzi; thus, using an upholsterer with Natuzzi will help you achieve the best results. When working with an upholsterer, discuss the style of décor you presently have.

  4. Get fillings with a more rigid feel like polyester fiber, if you are going for a more contemporary look. The cushions will have a flatter, more even appearance that blends well with the sleek lines of contemporary décor.

  5. Get less rigid and softer fillings, if you are using the sofa in a more traditional or transitional setting. Fillings like goose down or polyester wadding will give the cushions a larger, overstuffed look appropriate for traditional or transitional décor, particularly if you are working with antique pieces of furniture or accessories in the same room.