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How to Keep Covers on Recliner Arms

Kathryn Hatter

When you sit in a recliner with the footrest elevated, you grasp the armrests firmly to fold up the footrest and rise out of the chair. As you repeat this over time, your recliner armrests often become worn and threadbare. Minimize this wear by placing covers on the recliner arms.

Arm covers protect recliners from wear and tear

You can also modify the arm covers slightly to keep covers on recliner arms.

  1. Remove the arm covers from the recliner and turn them over.

  2. Peel the adhesive backing from one of the hook circles and place the hook circle on the wrong side of the cover at one of the corners. Repeat the same procedure with a hook circle on the other corner.

  3. Place another hook circle onto the wrong side of the cover at the fitted end's seam.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other arm cover.

  5. Place the arm covers onto the recliner arms.

  6. Remove the adhesive backing from each of the loop circles. Find the point where each hook circle on the inside of the arm cover will touch the recliner arm. Place a loop circle onto the recliner arm at each of these points on the recliner arm to hold the arm covers in place.

  7. Press the arm covers into place so the hook and loop circles contact each other firmly to hold the covers in place.


A hook and loop self-adhesive circle is a small circle (approximately 1/2-inch in diameter) with adhesive backing. The surface of one-half of each circle is a rough "hook" surface and the surface of the other half is a smooth "loop" surface. When you place the two surfaces together, they adhere securely to each other. By placing the hook halves of the circles onto the arm covers and the loop halves of the circles onto the recliner arms, you can attach the arm covers to the recliner arms and keep the covers securely in place.