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How to Put Together Reclining Sofas

Denise Sullivan

If you need to move a large reclining sofa, you can disassemble it into smaller components and handle each piece. After the move, it is time to put together the pieces of your reclining sofa, so you can kick back and enjoy your new place. The exact assembly instructions may vary by manufacturer and model number, but the basic principles are the same for all reclining sofas.

Learn how to put together the pieces of a reclining sofa.
  1. Turn the sofa's bottom section upside down and attach the legs. Some reclining sofas use a set of retaining screws to secure the legs, while others have legs you can twist on by hand.

  2. Raise the flap of upholstery on the rear of the backrest to expose the metal brackets on each side. Have an assistant help you lift the backrest above the back of the sofa's frame. Align the brackets on each piece, then slowly lower the backrest until the brackets snap into the locked position. Repeat this step to assemble each section of the sofa if you have a modular unit.

  3. Connect each section of the unit if your reclining sofa is modular. Consult the owner's manual for assembly instructions specific to your make and model. Most reclining sofas are connected by spring-loaded brackets or metal plates and retaining screws.

  4. Lower the upholstery flaps to cover all brackets or connection points. Place the cushions and pillows on the sofa. Hide any visible zippers on the cushions by turning them toward the backrest and arms of the sofa.