How to Disassemble a Berkline Sofa Recliner

John Rose

While you don't have to disassemble a Berkline recliner sofa to move it in most cases, it certainly is easier to move if you disassemble it. The recliner sections of the sofa are very heavy, and when you lift it with the recliners in place the sofa tends to bend in the center. You may also wish to disassemble the sofa if you're moving it out of a room where space is limited.

Step 1

Tilt the sofa forward so the front is on the floor and you can see the bottom when you stand behind it.

Step 2

Remove the bolts and nuts securing the bottom support rail to each section of the sofa using a socket and ratchet. Repeat the procedure with the top support rail.

Step 3

Remove the wing nuts securing each section of the back to the sofa frame by turning them counterclockwise. Pull each back section from the sofa frame and set it aside. The sofa is now in six sections and is ready to move.