How to Lay a Target Room Essentials Futon Flat

In tight spaces, such as apartments and dorm rooms, a Room Essentials futon is a useful piece of furniture, as it serves two functions.
When folded up a futon is a comfortable couchlike place for you and guests to sit and visit. Then, at night, the futon flattens into a convenient place for up to two guests to sleep. Laying a Room Essentials Futon flat is simple, but there is a trick to it. .

Step 1

Grasp the front of the futon under the seat.

Step 2

Lift the seat of the futon toward the back. Keep pushing the front of the seat up and toward the back of the futon until you hear a click and feel the two sections become free of one another.

Step 3

Ease the front seat of the futon back down until it is resting on the frame again. The back of the futon will lower along with the seat to create a flat sleeping surface.

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