How to Create a King Bed Connector

Tiana Mortimer

If you are trying to stretch your budget dollars, consider joining two twin-size mattresses to create the king-size bed you have always wanted. There are bed connectors on the market that convert two twin mattresses into one king-size bed, but you can create your own at a fraction of the price. In fact, creating your own king bed connector is better because you can control the quality of materials you use, as those in the kits are not always sturdy enough for your needs.

King-size bed
  1. Assemble the bed frame to accommodate the two twin box springs. Pliers may be needed to tighten any screws.

  2. Place both twin box springs on the bed frame and then position the twin bed mattresses on top.

  3. Ratchet lashing strap
  4. Wrap the ratcheting lashing strap around the perimeter of the beds; slide the end of the strap into the ratcheting mechanism and pull through.

  5. Ratchet the lever mechanism up and down, as this action will tighten the lashing strap around the bed. The tightened strap will keep the twin beds together and prevent sliding or separation.

  6. Egg carton foam
  7. With the measuring tape, measure a 1 foot wide by 100 inch long piece of egg carton foam and cut out the piece with scissors.

  8. Position the foam lengthwise down the middle seam of the bed where the twin mattresses meet. Tuck the ends of the foam under the lashing strap holding the mattresses securely together.

  9. Make your bed with the king-size bedding.