How to Keep a Comforter in Place in a Duvet Cover

A duvet is a cover for a comforter that resembles a large pillowcase with enclosures on one side.

Not only will using a duvet protect a comforter and keep it looking new and free from stains and wear, but using a duvet will also enable you to change the color and look of your bedding by simply changing the duvet. Use special clips or clamps to keep your comforter in place in a duvet cover. .

Position the duvet on the bed with the top edge of the duvet at the top of the bed and the opening of the duvet facing the bottom of the bed. The duvet must be gathered at the top edge of the bed so that you are able to reach inside the bottom opening and reach the top two corners to position the comforter inside the duvet.

Insert the top right corner of the comforter into the top right corner of the duvet, and secure it with one duvet clip to hold it in place. Insert the top left corner of the comforter into the top left corner of the duvet, and secure it in the same way with a duvet clip.

Lift the duvet and comforter by the top right and left corners and shake firmly to bring the duvet cover down over the comforter. Continue shaking until the duvet covers as much of the comforter as possible.

Lay the duvet and comforter back on the bed, and pull the duvet down so that the entire comforter is inside the duvet. Adjust the bottom right and left corners and place a duvet clip in each corner to hold the comforter in place.

Zip or button the duvet closed along the open edge to finish.

Things You Will Need

  • Duvet
  • Comforter
  • Comforter clips (See Resources.)


  • The duvet clips stay inside the duvet and keep the comforter from shifting inside the duvet so that you don't notice it when your use the duvet.

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