How to Fit a King Size Bed Skirt to a Queen Size Bed

Louise Harding

Modern man has a love affair with the bed. Ruffles, comforters, sheets and pillows upon pillows. According to Texas Mattress, “The first true luxury beds appeared in the days of the Roman Empire. The richest of the Romans enjoyed bedding we might even find acceptable in a pinch.

Often decorated with gold, silver, or bronze these beds featured mattresses stuffed with reeds, hay, wool or feathers.” You don’t need to pass on that sale on a bed skirt because it’s a size too big. With ingenuity and simple sewing, you can fit a king-size bed skirt to a queen-size bed.

  1. Remove the mattress from the bed. Measure the box springs. Standard measurements for queeen are 60x80 inches and for king, 76x80 inches.

  2. Place the king-size bed skirt inside out on top of the queen box springs.

  3. Pull the edges of the skirt/ruffle to the edges of the box springs and push straight pins into the box springs around the sides/end of the bed to secure into place.

  4. Gently tug the bed skirt excess into the center, creating a fold down the center length of the skirt/box springs. Do this until the skirt “fits."

  5. Pin the fold of the fabric close against the box springs (not on the box springs). This is where a new seam will be sewn.

  6. Remove the pins around the edges of the bed.

  7. Take the pinned skirt to the sewing machine and, using a 1-inch seam allowance, sew a straight seam along the wrong side of the fabric along the pins of the center fold. Remove pins.

  8. Place the bed skirt on the box springs to verify the fit. Re-sew if the bed skirt is still too big until you have a perfect fit.

  9. Cut the excess fabric 1-inch away from the newly sewn seam.

  10. Sew, using the Zig Zag function on the machine, the edges of the new seam on the wrong sides of the fabric to reinforce the stitching.

  11. Turn the bed skirt right-side out, and place it on the box springs. Replace the mattress. Make the bed as usual.