How to Get Rid of Lumps in a Pillow-Top Mattress

Owen E. Richason IV

If you have a pillow-top mattress that has lumps in it, you have two options: donate or dispose of the old mattress and purchase a new one or remove the lumps yourself. The first option is obviously more expensive but will solve the problem.

The second is more financially feasible but may require a bit of stitching experience. If you're willing to undertake a new and necessary task, you can remove those pillow top lumps.


If you're stitching the pillow top, be sure to double-up on the threading to make the new seam sturdy.

  1. Remove all the bedding from your pillow-top mattress: pillows, sheets, comforter and sheet cover.

  2. Locate the zipper on your pillow-top mattress and unzip it to open the pillow top. If there is no zipper, use a stitch unpicker to remove enough stitching to gain access to the pillow top stuffing.

  3. Relocate the lumps in depressed areas of the pillow top and/or remove the lumpy stuffing to make the pillow top smooth and even.

  4. Zip up the pillow-top mattress or sew thread to close it up with a needle.

  5. Replace the bedding covers.