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How to Repair a Waterbed Mattress Seam

Michael Davidson

Waterbeds are very comfortable to sleep on but they can be damaged easily. If a waterbed is breached, it needs immediate repair in order to prevent a water leak that can badly damage the floor and carpeting of your bedroom. Waterbeds are designed to prevent leakage as much as possible but a damaged seam could still have disastrous results. Repairing a waterbed mattress seam requires the proper materials to ensure the patch will hold for an extended period of time.

  1. Dry the area around the seam with a cloth and apply several drops of rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball. Swab the area around the leak with the cotton ball to clean off the area before applying a repair.

  2. Use scissors to cut a vinyl patch from a waterbed repair kit so that the patch has rounded corners and is slightly larger than the damaged seam.

  3. Put glue from the repair kit around the edges of the patch and carefully place the patch down over the seam. Wait at least three hours before sleeping on the mattress to give the patch time to dry and bond. Ideally, you should do the repair in the morning and stay off the bed until that night.