How to Repair a Mobile Home Bathtub

Tracy Morris

Because a mobile home is constructed differently than a stick-built home, a mobile home bathtub is constructed differently than a bathtub in most other kinds of homes. Mobile home bathtubs are made of plastic, and are usually supported by plastic legs so that plumbing can be placed directly beneath the tub. Because it can be difficult to find a plastic tub to replace a mobile home tub, and because of the nature of the plumbing around a tub, replacing a mobile home tub is not considered a simple do-it-yourself project. Your better bet is to repair cracks in your existing tub.

Step 1

Sand the area around the crack as far away as 1 inch.

Step 2

Drill a hole with your drill bit at either end of the crack to relieve stress and prevent it from opening further.

Step 3

Clean the area of the crack thoroughly to remove all dirt, grease and soap scum.

Step 4

Cut a fiberglass strip from your epoxy kit so that it is slightly larger than the crack.

Step 5

Mix the epoxy according to the directions on the package.

Step 6

Cover the crack and drill holes with half of the epoxy mix.

Step 7

Apply the fiberglass patch over the crack and press into the epoxy mix.

Step 8

Coat the fiberglass patch with the other half of the epoxy mix. Smooth the mixture and taper the epoxy beyond the edges of the repair.

Step 9

Wait 20 minutes for the epoxy to dry and cure before using the bathtub or shower.