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How to Repair an Inflatable Chair

Danny Donahue

Inflatable chairs are popular and inexpensive furniture. The amount of air in the chair can be adjusted to give you more support or more comfort depending on your preferences and mood. Your chair can be deflated for easy transport making it convenient for the outdoors. The air in your chair will even keep you afloat for a leisurely ride down a lazy river. Because of the fragile nature of inflatables you will need to know how to repair leaks so you can keep enjoying your chair.

  1. Scrub the chair with soapy water and your scrub brush. Inflate the chair completely. Locate the leak by spraying the chair with soapy water and watching for streaming bubbles.

  2. Deflate the chair. Dry the area with a clean cloth. Apply glue to the back of the patch and allow five minutes for the glue to become tacky. Press the patch over the leak and hold it firmly in place for 60 seconds. Allow the glue to cure for 10 minutes.

  3. Inflate the chair. Check for additional leaks, as well as leaks around the patch with your soapy water. Rinse your chair with clean water and allow it to air dry completely before storage or use.