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How to Remove the Odor From Tempur-Pedic Pillows

Michael Davidson

Tempur-Pedic brand pillows are made of a memory foam that contours specifically to the body of the person sleeping on it. What separates Temur-Pedic pillows from traditional memory foam is that the pillow automatically restores to its normal shape when not in use. Due to the foam material it is made of, stains can seep deep into the pillow and it can make odors more difficult to remove. You can remove the odor from a Tempur-Pedic pillow by following several steps.

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  1. Remove the cover, if the pillow has one, and wash the cover in a washing machine with cold water and mild detergent.

  2. Hang the cover to air dry after it has been washed.

  3. Roll up the pillow into a bundle, like a sleeping bag.

  4. Unroll the pillow and then roll it up again the opposite way. This helps the material get more airflow into it, which helps eliminate odors.

  5. Sprinkle baking soda onto the pillow and allow it to sit for at least five minutes.

  6. Vacuum the pillow with a hose attachment to suck up the baking soda.

  7. Mix white vinegar and warm water in a half-and-half solution and spray it on the pillow with a spray bottle. White vinegar is a natural deodorizer that can eliminate the scent. The vinegar smell will dissipate within minutes.

  8. Place a fan in front of the pillow to help the vinegar solution dry while also giving the pillow more airflow, which helps eliminate odor.

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