How to Dry a Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Heide Braley

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are wonderful for sleeping. They offer great support and comfort, but if they get wet, plan on waiting awhile before you sleep on them. The same principle that makes them comfortable to sleep on, the little micro cells of air, also hold water like a massive sponge.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Layers

However, it is not impossible to get them to dry.

  1. Open the cover of your mattress. You are going to have to expose it to as much air as possible. This is a good time to wash the cover if it needs it. (Note: some Tempur-Pedic covers are not machine washable - check with your label) If the cover is wet, hang it up to dry on a clothes line or someplace where it can hang dry, preferably in the warm sun. Make sure you have removed any pillow topping from the top of the cover if applicable.

  2. Blot the mattress where the spill occured and press hard using a white absorbent cloth. Keep turning the cloth to a dry side and changing it when damp. Continue this pressing until the mattress feels dry to the touch.

  3. Allow the mattress to air dry further for several hours - up to forty-eight. You can help it along by using a hair dryer to dry it out or aiming a fan on it or even bring it outside to dry in summer air. Be sure to keep it on a dry clean surface so it does not pick up any soil while it is damp.

  4. Reassemble the mattress when it is as dry as it can get. Before you zip it closed, apply a light dusting of baking soda to the top of the memory foam to stop any odor. Place a thick cotton towel or light blanket over the top of the memory foam to absorb any lingering moisture, and then close everything back up, Remember to remove the blanket or towel in the morning and insert a new dry one if necessary.

  5. Tip

    Get a waterproof cover if wetness might be an issue.


    Tempur-Pedic mattresses are not supposed to get wet! DO NOT wash them.