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How to Replace a Futon Cover

Perry Piekarski

If you have a futon, chances are you have a futon cover. Over time your futon cover will begin to wear from typical use and should be replaced. Other reasons to consider replacing a futon cover are if it becomes overly damaged or stained. Replacing a futon cover is an easy process that will only take a few minutes.

  1. Measure your futon to decide which size cover you need. According to Futon.org, the most common sizes include: full, 54x75 inches; queen, 60x80 inches; twin, 39x75 inches; love seat, 54x54 inches; love seat ottoman, 21x54 inches; chair, 28x54 inches; and chair ottoman 21x28 inches."

  2. Purchase a new futon cover. You can order online or at most department and furniture stores.

  3. Remove the old futon cover. Depending on the wear, you can decide to keep it or simply throw it away. If the wear isn't too bad, you can always donate it to charity or a secondhand store. Another option is to keep it as extra fabric if you sew, or to cut it into rags. If the old cover uses a zipper, be careful not to catch it on the futon mattress; otherwise you risk tearing it.

  4. Put the new futon cover on your futon mattress. Laying the mattress flat first will make the task easier. Zip up the cover.

  5. Run your hands over the mattress to push out any wrinkles. If you push them to the edge of the mattress and pull the cover tight, this will eliminate wrinkles, much like pushing the wrinkles out of a bed sheet or a pillow case.