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How to Keep Pillows From Sliding Off My Leather Sofa

Amy Lukavics

If your decorative pillows keep slipping off your leather sofa, chances are it's because of the material from which the pillows are made. Smooth fabrics like silk and satin glide across leather easily. If getting new pillows isn't an option, there is something you can do to enable the pillow to stay propped up on the leather sofa.

Pillows made from non-slippery material will stay on leather sofas.
  1. Find a pillow slipcover of adequate size in the color or pattern of your choice. Slipcovers can be found in home stores and are available in a wide variety of looks. If you can't decide which look to go for, get multiple covers and switch them out at will.

  2. Tuck the decorative pillow into the slipcover. Use your hands to push the corners of the pillow into the corners of the cover so everything is aligned properly. Some slipcovers close with a zipper, while others others simply tuck into themselves in the back.

  3. Set the pillows on the sofa to lean up against the back.