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How to Fluff a Futon Mattress

Marguerite Lance

A futon, which is the Japanese word for "bed," is a favorite furniture item used for sleeping and sitting. Futons are usually filled with cotton or foam. Because of their inner material and because they are used for sleeping and sitting on, futons have a tendency to develop dips in their surface.

Not only are these dips unsightly, but they are also uncomfortable and may cause back or leg troubles for users. With regular rotation and fluffing, a futon can retain its cosmetic and functional appeal.

Initial Rotation and Fluff

  1. One person should pick up two corners of the futon while another person picks up the other two corners.

  2. Flip the futon over so that the bottom side that had faced the frame or floor now faces up towards the ceiling.

  3. Each person should pick up the corners of the futon, and drop the futon three times.

The Following Rotation and Fluff

  1. The next time the futon needs to be rotated and fluffed, each person should pick up two corners of the futon.

  2. Rotate the futon 90 degrees, and drop it.

  3. In unison each person should pick up the futon by two corners, and drop it three times.


Alternate between rotating the futon by flipping it over or by rotating it 90 degrees when rotating and fluffing the futon mattress.


When lifting the futon, bend at the knees and use the strength from the leg muscles to lift the futon instead of using your back muscles.

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