How to Fluff Up a Polyester Comforter

Lanh Ma

A polyester comforter refers to a comforter that uses polyester batting to give it warmth and bulk. While a polyester comforter is not as warm as a down comforter, it is less expensive and still makes an attractive bed covering.

Keep your comforter fluffed for a good night's sleep.

Over time, a polyester comforter may become flattened or the polyester batting may become bunched up inside the cover. Care for your polyester comforter correctly to ensure that it stays comfortable.


Do not fold the polyester comforter tightly when you put it away. Instead, fold it loosely to prevent the batting from becoming uneven.

  1. Shake your polyester comforter out every few weeks. Hold one edge in your hands and lift the loose end into the air before bringing it back down sharply. This snap redistributes the polyester filling and also shakes away any dust.

  2. Hang your polyester comforter over a outdoor clothesline and beat it with a carpet beater. This allows the comforter to fluff up while also getting rid of any dust, debris or crumbs that are on the comforter.

  3. Place the comforter in a dryer with two or three tennis balls and send it through on the lowest heat cycle. This freshens your comforter as it fluffs it out. While a home dryer works well for a comforter sized for a twin or a full bed, you may need to go to a professional laundromat for one that can hold a larger comforter.

  4. Rotate your comforter on your bed every day or every other day. This helps keep the batting inside the comforter even.