How to Link a Pop-up Trundle & Day Bed

Turn a tiny daybed into a roomier, more comfortable sleeping spot.
Connecting the pop-up trundle under the daybed with the top of the bed requires a foam piece to cover the gap. A single king-sized sheet helps to tie the two twin-sized mattresses together. This works because the length of the king-sized mattress is equal to double the width of the daybed mattresses, and the width of the king-sized mattress equals the length of the daybed mattresses.

Step 1

Pull up the pop-up trundle from under the daybed. Remove any bedding from both beds.

Step 2

Place the T-shaped foam piece along the gap between the mattresses with the cross bar of the T-shape on top of the two mattresses and the bottom of the shape inside the gap.

Step 3

Cover the two mattresses with a fitted king-sized sheet.

Step 4

Tie a rope or a zip tie around the legs of the two beds where they meet to hold the beds together.

Things You Will Need

  • 75-inch-long, T-shaped foam piece
  • Fitted king-sized sheet
  • Zip ties or rope


  • Look for T-shaped foam pieces designed to bridge the gap between mattresses at bedding or furniture stores.