How to Stop a Couch From Sliding on a Wood Floor

Regina Edwards

Wooden legs on furniture can slide on polished hardwood, tile or laminate floors. Sliding furniture can be hazardous, as a couch can move out from underneath a person who is sitting or adjusting their position. Slipping or sliding furniture can also damage and scratch the floor.

A rubber grip under the legs will help keep the furniture safely and securely in place.


Be careful when moving heavy objects such as a couch.

Rubber Pads

  1. Cut the rubber pad in circles or squares that are at least one quarter inch larger than the legs of your couch. Cut small squares from the double-sided tape which are smaller than the legs of your couch.

  2. Remove the backing on one side of the double-sided tape and affix it to the bottom of the leg of your couch. Repeat for each leg. Do not lower the couch to the floor.

  3. Remove the backing from the other side of each piece of tape and affix a rubber pad to each leg.

Stay Furniture Grippers

  1. Resize your Stay Furniture Grippers by cutting them to a size that will fit under the legs of your couch, slightly extending beyond the leg by at least one quarter inch.

  2. Raise each side of your couch and slip a Furniture Gripper under each leg, making sure the leg is centered on the Furniture Gripper.

  3. Sit or apply slight pressure on each leg to secure the couch on the Furniture Gripper.