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How to Clean a Bauhaus Couch

Hollan Johnson

Bauhaus couches come in many upholstery types, from fabric to leather. The couch frames are glued and stapled hardwood, and Bauhaus uses a Sinuous Spring Seating System with tempered-steel springs for more strength and seating comfort.

All Bauhaus couches use polypropylene foam for the cushions and are fully padded on the back and the arms. If your Bauhaus couch gets a spill or just has normal wear and tear, cleaning it makes it look more inviting and less like an old couch.

  1. Check the cushion tags for what kind of cleaning you can do on the Bauhaus couch. “S” stands for dry-cleaning, water-free solvents only. “WS” stands for water-based or water-free solvents. “W” stands for water-based cleaners. “X” stands for vacuum only.

  2. Vacuum your Bauhaus couch with the upholstery-brush attachment. Vacuum down into the creases, corners and over every part of the couch to remove dust, dirt and hair.

  3. Apply water-free or water-based cleaning solvent on the couch, if applicable, according to product instructions. Allow the solvent to sit for five to 10 minutes.

  4. Use the cloth to gently blot and lift any stains on the couch. Apply more solvent on the stained portions if needed and blot until the stain is reduced or removed completely.

  5. Dab up the solvent with a cloth if it is liquid based. If it is a water-free, powder cleaner, vacuum it up with the brush attachment.


Some of the material used to upholster Bauhaus couches is dry-clean only. Vacuum or brush these Bauhaus couches.