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How to Mount a Hutch on the Wall

Jericho McCune

A wall-mounted hutch is a great way to add storage space to a room without giving up any floor space. When a hutch is full of books, China or something else, it can be quite heavy, so proper mounting is essential. The weight of the hutch needs to be supported by wall studs, or the mounting screws could rip right through the drywall, spilling everything on the floor in the process and possibly destroying the hutch.

A wall-mounted hutch is a great way to increase storage space.
  1. Place the hutch against the wall where you want to hang it. Mark the top and bottom edges of the hutch with a pencil. Remove the hutch from the wall and set it aside.

  2. Run a stud finder across the wall between the two lines. Mark the edges of every stud with a pencil. Extend the marks past the two lines so they will be visible when the hutch is against the wall.

  3. Place the hutch back in position and set it on a cabinet jack. Ask for help from a friend if a cabinet jack is not available.

  4. Set a level on top of the hutch. Adjust the hutch until the bubble on the level is firmly in the center.

  5. Drill pilot holes through the rear of the hutch, 2 inches from the top and directly in the center of each wall stud.

  6. Insert two 1/2-inch drywall screws through finishing washers. Screw them into the pilot holes until the screw head is pulled tight against the washer.

  7. Drill a second set of pilot holes in each wall stud, slightly over halfway down the back of the hutch. Install finishing washers and drywall screws.