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How to Install a Kitchen Cabinet Valance

Michael Straessle

A valance over the windows on the interior of a home really sets off the walls around the window and the general décor of the room. The same can be said of a valance over the kitchen sink between two wall cabinets. The good thing about valances is that they come in a variety of designs and shapes.

Dressing Up the Kitchen

Step 1

Measure the distance between the cabinets on either side of the sink. Mark the valance accordingly. If the valance has a design with a center point, it will be necessary to divide the measurement by two and measure from the center point out to each end of the valance. Once the valance is marked, draw lines across the ends with the framing square. Cut the valance with the circular saw.

Step 2

Place the cleats on a table. Measure from each edge just far enough to drill a countersink hole. Next, turn the cleat ¼-turn. Drill two more countersink holes. Be certain that they don't intersect.

Step 3

Place one of the cleats at the top of one of the cabinets directly behind the face frame. Secure it to the cabinet with the drywall screws through the countersink holes. Repeat this for the other cabinet.

Step 4

Place the valance between the cabinets and against the cleats. Secure the valance through the back of the cleat and into the valance with drywall screws. Be careful to not apply too much pressure on the drill as this can pull the cleat away from the cabinet.