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How to Install Ferrari Cabinet Hinges

Mary Jane

Ferrari cabinet hinges are specialized hinges that suit full overlay cabinets. This type of hinge is shaped as a T, meaning it opens a cabinet door a full 110 degrees. The Ferrari cabinet hinge is designed for the Ferrari cabinet plate door, but it can be used with other wooden cabinet doors. The installation of a Ferrari cabinet hinge is a simple process that will only take you a couple of minutes, if you have the appropriate woodworking tools.

Step 1

Examine the Ferrari cabinet hinge. Locate all installation holes, which are small holes for screws.

Step 2

Place one Ferrari cabinet hinge inside the cabinet's frame. Place the flat part of the hinge on the inside of the cabinet's side panel, so the adjustable end of the hinge sticks out. This part is for the cabinet door.

Step 3

Line the level up against the flat part inside the cabinet. The hinge must be attached evenly. When the proper place is found, use the pencil to draw circles inside the installation holes so you know where to attach the hinge on the cabinet's inside panel.

Step 4

Attach the Ferrari hinge to the inside of the cabinet using a screwdriver and a couple of screws. The screws must not be longer than the cabinet's thickness, as it will screw through the wood and stick out on the other side. Make sure the Ferrari hinge is firmly connected before continuing.

Step 5

Hold the cabinet door up to the frame. Have a friend help you hold the cabinet door in place, as you screw the Ferrari hinge in place on the cabinet door. This installation should be done in the same manner as the other end of the hinge. You should install at least two hinges per cabinet door. For each hinge, repeat steps 2 through 4.