How to Hide a Medicine Cabinet

Sarah Schreiber

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to hide a medicine cabinet. These storage spaces often contain private items that you don’t want guests to see. Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of a guest bathroom, or are simply looking for a way to cover an unsightly, old cabinet.

Hide your medicine cabinet with a framed picture.

The easiest way to hide a medicine cabinet is to install a covering such as a framed picture in the door area.


This works best for hiding medicine cabinets that are built into the wall as opposed to protruding from the wall. You aren’t limited to framed pictures. Create a chalkboard by applying chalkboard paint to the cabinet door, or cut corkboard and attach it to create a bulletin board.

  1. Remove the door from your medicine cabinet. Unscrew the hinges from the section of the cabinet that remains in the wall. This should free the door. Remove the hinges from the door for re-use on the picture frame. This recycles the hinges and saves you from having to size and purchase new ones.

  2. Measure the space between the top screw of the bottom hinge and the bottom screw of the top hinge. Use the holes from where the hinges were removed to take this measurement. Write the number down so you’ll remember it. You’ll want to install the hinges at the same spacing that was on the old cabinet door.

  3. Measure the length and width of the cabinet door.

  4. Purchase a wooden picture frame approximately the same size as the door. You may have to purchase a custom-made frame if none are available in the proper size. Aim for a thick wooden frame that the hinges can easily attach to.

  5. Place a picture of your choice into the picture frame.

  6. Turn the picture frame over. Mark the locations for hinge installation with a pencil using your previous measurements as a guide.

  7. Install the old hinges into the back of the picture frame at the locations of your markings. Use a drill if necessary to make pilot holes for the screws.

  8. Line the hinges up with the holes in the medicine cabinet and screw into place. Shut the door and you now have a framed picture on the wall instead of a medicine cabinet mirror or door.