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How to Put the Door on a Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 Accubake Oven

David Clair

The Whirlpool 465 Accubake is a super capacity free-standing self-cleaning oven range. The Accubake 465 is available in electric or gas. If the oven is being moved, Whirlpool recommends removing the door to make it easier to move and to avoid damaging the door. It may also be necessary to remove the door for deep cleaning on the interior or to repair internal parts. When you remove the door you should insert the door hinge pins in the hinges. They should still be present when the door is being put back on.

  1. Hold the door on the sides with your thumbs on the inside surface and your fingers on the front of the door.

  2. Position the door so the top edge of each hinge hanger is horizontal. Slide the hinge hangers into the door frame hinge slots. Make sure they are fully seated.

  3. Place the door stop clip in the door frame at the top of the hinge slot. Push in the bottom of the clip until it is flat against the frame.

  4. Open the door as far as it will go. Slide the door removal pins out of the hinges. Close the door.