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How to Hang Window Shades on a Steel Door

Carlye Jones

Hanging window shades on a steel door isn't too much different than installing them in a wooden window frame, but you will probably need different screws than those supplied with your blinds. You will also need the extra strength of a screw gun to force the screws into the door.

You can have privacy and security by hanging window shades on a steel door.
  1. Lift the blind up and pull the cord to raise it so that you are working with a small, bundled blind. Lay it back down and insert the ends into the brackets. Lift the blind back up and hold it against the door in the spot where you want to hang it. Use a pencil to mark the position of the edges of the brackets on both ends. If you have someone who can help you, have one person hold the blinds in place while the other makes the marks. Set the blinds and brackets to the side.

  2. Hold a level up against the door, between the tops of the bracket marks, and draw a light, level pencil line between the marks. Pick up one of the brackets and place its outer edge against the outer mark you made in Step 1 and the top of the bracket even with the level line across the top.

  3. Start a self-drilling metal screw into one of the holes in the bracket. Hold the bracket firmly against the door and use the screw gun to turn the screw into the door. Turn it only about halfway into the door. Make sure the bracket is still lined up with the marks, especially the top level line, and start a second screw in another hole in the bracket. Repeat the process with the remaining screw holes in the bracket. When all the screws have been placed halfway, tighten them all down. Repeat the process with the opposite bracket.

  4. Insert the blind into the brackets. Make sure they are pushed all the way into the brackets and are not just sitting on the edge of the brackets. Place the bracket covers on the brackets, covering the ends of the blinds, to give a finished look.