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How to Adjust the Doors on a GE Side by Side Refrigerator

William Pullman

GE side by side refrigerators have two equal length doors for the refrigerator and freezer sections of the machine. If the doors are not aligned, they may not close correctly, which will increase the cost to run the refrigerator. Even if the doors are slightly out of line they may not seal properly and keep the refrigerator at the proper temperature. GE designed their side by side refrigerators so users can make adjustments to the doors at home.

  1. Open both refrigerator doors and use a Phillip's screwdriver to remove the screws at both ends of the grill. The screws keep the grill attached to the refrigerator.

  2. Pull out on the grill to remove it from the refrigerator and place it to the side.

  3. Locate the door adjusting screw under the door hinge. The door adjusting screw juts out of the bottom of the door and points downward.

  4. Rotate the door adjusting screw with the 7/16-inch socket wrench to the right to raise the door and to the left to lower the door. Take care to turn the screw only once or twice as you shouldn't need to make a large adjustment to the door.

  5. Check the alignment again and continue to make adjustments until the doors are even.

  6. Slide the grill back onto the refrigerator and reattach the screws.