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Repairing a GE Monogram Refrigerator Door Adjustment

Ashley Hay

GE Monogram refrigerators have side-by-side doors with the fresh food door on one side and the freezer door on the other side. Over time, you may need to realign the doors if they are uneven. Aligning the doors only takes a few minutes and it will ensure that the doors close properly.

Step 1

Find the adjusting screws that are located underneath the front of the refrigerator doors. There is one screw under each door along the exterior edge. The Monogram refrigerators do not require you to remove the grill panel to access the adjusting screws as some older models may.

Step 2

Attach your wrench to the adjusting screw.

Step 3

Turn the wrench clockwise to raise the door.

Step 4

Turn the wrench counter-clockwise to lower the door.

Step 5

Turn the wrench a few times in the direction the door needs to be adjusted.

Step 6

Open the door you have aligned and then close it.

Step 7

Step back and inspect the alignment by looking at the top of the door.

Step 8

Continue to turn the wrench until you have properly aligned the doors.