How to Replace a GE Refrigerator Door Stop

Ashley Hay

GE refrigerators offer a door stop that automatically catches the door from swinging wide open. The door stop protects your walls or other appliances by not allowing the door to open all the way. All GE models come standard with the door stop. If the door swings open too far, the door stop needs to be replaced. The door stop replacement should take only a few minutes.

Step 1

Turn off the power to your GE refrigerator. You can either unplug it or turn it off at the electrical breaker box.

Step 2

Remove all of the items stored on the shelves along the refrigerator’s door.

Step 3

Unscrew the hinge at the top of the refrigerator by using a Phillips screwdriver. If the hinge has a cover on top of the hinge, you will need to pull the cover off to access the screws holding the hinge in place. If the refrigerator has hex-head screws, use the 5/16 nut driver to remove the hex head screws.

Step 4

Grasp the door by the handle and the side and lift the door up, off the bottom hinge pin, and then lay the door down on a flat surface. When the door is laying flat, you will see the door stop attached to the outside of the bottom hinge. It will have two or three screws in place.

Step 5

Unscrew all of the hex-head screws using the nut driver to remove the screws and then remove the door stop. The screws are holding the cam into place.

Step 6

Reposition the cam so that it lines back up over the holes. One end will go over the hinge pin hole and the other will be under the door stop.

Step 7

Attach the new door stop over the cam and the hinge and then screw it back into place.

Step 8

Slide the door back onto the bottom hinge pin and then reverse the steps to replace the top hinge.