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Taking Apart a Schlage Door Handle

Christopher John

Schlage manufactures home security and hardware products, including handles for a home's front door. The selection includes different models of Schlage handlesets, as well as Dexter by Schlage handlesets, all for front-entry use. Remove the Schlage door handles, if you desire, without taking apart the other hardware inside the door, such as the latch and the deadbolt assembly. Use care when prying parts from the door, such as the rose, so that you don't damage the door.

Step 1

Pry the screw cover off the handleset screw, which is located below the door handle. Use the edge of a flat screwdriver.

Step 2

Put a power drill in reverse, and extract the top and bottom screws out of the handle escutcheon. Remove the escutcheon.

Step 3

Stick a pin into the pinhole on the side of the interior door lever, and slide the door lever or knob off the spindle underneath it. Pry the rose that is behind the lever, off the door, using either your hand or a flat screwdriver.

Step 4

Extract the two screws from the chassis, using a power drill in reverse. Remove the chassis from the door.

Step 5

Pull the handleset off the front of the door.