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How to Remove a Yale Door Knob in a Bedroom

Greg Lindberg

A Yale door knob is connected to the door by two screws that must be fully removed in order to take off the knob from the door. Remove a Yale door knob at any time using the release button located on the neck of the door knob. and then unscrewing these two screws.

Step 1

Locate the release button on your Yale door knob, located on the neck of the knob.

Step 2

Insert a small screwdriver or nail into the hole where the release button is located.

Step 3

Press the release button, then remove the two screws from the top portion of door knob.

Step 4

Pull off the door knob and remove it entirely from the door. Inspect the door knob for any damage, such as dents or cracks, and replace the door knob if necessary.

Step 5

Place the door knob back onto the door, then reinsert the screw into the bottom portion of the door knob.

Step 6

Reinsert the two screws into the door knob, then press the door knob in so that the release button locks.