How to Hinge a Shed Door

John Walker

Installing a shed door requires leveling the door properly while attaching the hinges. The process is relatively difficult to do on your own. Using shims and partially installing the hinges alleviates a lot of the work.

Properly installed doors do not sag or fall open easily.

The best method for installing hinges onto a shed door involves using sturdy, exterior hinges, a few common tools and prefabricated doors. Always build the shed before installing the doors. Leveling the doors after installing on a completed shed is even more difficult.

  1. Attach the hinges to the door frame using one screw per hinge initially. The hinge aspect, a metal rod connecting the two halves of the hinge, should be flush with the exterior edge of the frame. Drive the mounting screws through one screw hole in the hinge into the frame, with a drill and screwdriver drill bit.

  2. Hold a level flush with the top of the screw hole used in Step 1 and the matching screw-hole on the other half of the hinge. Adjust the position of the hinge so that the screw holes are level with each other. Drive additional mounting screws into the frame through the hinge to lock the position. Repeat for all the hinges.

  3. Press the door into place within the frame. Hammer wood shims, small strips of triangular-shaped wood, in between the door and the frame to obtain a slight gap between each edge of the door and the frame. The door must be centered within the frame.

  4. Push the hinges against the door. Drive one mounting screw through each hinge into the door. Tighten the screws properly. Remove the wood shims and the door should remain in the proper position.

  5. Test the door for proper function. Remove the screws from the door and adjust the position as necessary until the door swings properly. Drive additional mounting screws into the door through the hinge to lock in the position.