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How to Paint a Security Door

Kimberly Johnson

Security doors have become very popular with homeowners because they are made of metal. In addition to being harder to break into, the metal ensures that they endure for many years, resist chipping and won't rot like wooden doors. If your security door has marks and scratches, you can paint it to renew the appearance.

Painting metal security doors is not difficult.

Although painting a security door is not hard to do, the technique is slightly different than painting a wooden door due to the metal surface.

  1. Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the door from the hinges by pulling each screw out of the top of each hinge. Also remove the door handle, lock, kick plate and any other removable metal parts. Cover any non-removal parts, such as the mail slot and weather stripping, with painter's tape.

  2. If the security door paint is chipping off, you must remove all of the old paint by applying a paint remover. Place a plastic tarp in the yard and lay the door on top of it. Apply the paint remover with a paint brush. Wait the amount of time indicated on the instructions and remove by scraping the door with a paint scraper. The paint will peel right off. Wipe down the door with a rag and allow to dry completely. Turn the door over and repeat with the opposite side.

  3. Using a paint roller, paint the door with two coats of oil-base primer. Allow to dry completely, then turn the door over and repeat on the opposite side.

  4. Spray paint the door using an exterior acrylic house paint. Hold the can or sprayer approximately 6 inches away from the door and use long, even strokes. Allow to dry and repeat on the opposite side of the door.

  5. When the door is completely dry, reattach all hardware and install the door back on the hinges.

  6. Tip

    Instead of spray painting the door, you can choose to paint the door with a paint roller. Although the result is not as good as spray painting, it can look very good if care is taken to use even stokes.