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How to Remove an Odor From a Guitar Case

Emile Heskey

Guitar cases, especially those with fabric linings, can easily pick up odors. A guitar case which has been left in a closet or an attic for a long period of time will pick up moisture smells which will lead it to be musty and unappealing. If you wish to get rid of smells from within your guitar case, then a few homemade remedies will quickly remove any problem, although it is best to keep a guitar case away from damp areas.

A guitar case can easily pick up and keep bad smells.
  1. Remove your guitar case from where it is being stored. Musty attics or closets will quickly transfer their smell to a guitar case. Take your guitar out of the case, and leave the case open in the fresh air. This may help in the process of removing the odor.

  2. Place baking soda in a bowl with water and place this in your closed guitar case overnight. This will remove excess moisture from the air inside the case and will effectively draw the musty smell out. Leave the guitar case open in the fresh air by day, and with the baking soda bowl by night, and this will remove the smell quickly.

  3. Vacuum the case to remove dirt particles which may become moldy. Ensure that you vacuum all of the corners and creases of your case where dirt can become lodged. Doing this once every two weeks will stop your case from becoming smelly and will help maintain your case and your guitar.

  4. Clean the inside of the guitar case using a rag and dish soap water. Gently rub the inside lining of the case until you have covered the whole case. Do this in the morning so that you can leave your guitar case open outside to dry during the day.