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How to Clean Wax Out of Chiffon

Kaye Wagner

Chiffon is a type of delicate fabric that can be made out of silk, viscose or acetate fibers. It is often used to make delicate dresses and expensive tablecloths and draperies. Chiffon can be complicated to clean as it can get damaged if you put water on it. Thus, if you get wax on the chiffon, use a non-water method to remove it. If the chiffon is very expensive or delicate, take it to a professional for cleaning.

Use an iron to remove wax residue.
  1. Let the wax harden completely.

  2. Scrape off as much of the wax as possible with a plastic ID card or a plastic spoon. Don't use any sharp objects that could snag the chiffon.

  3. Place a paper towel on either side of the wax stain on the chiffon.

  4. Heat your iron to its lowest setting.

  5. Press the iron over the paper towel. This will heat up the wax and the paper towels will absorb it. Move the paper towels and reheat the wax until the entire stain is gone.

  6. Blot the chiffon with a dry cleaning solution to remove the grease stains from the wax.