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How to Remove Wax From Hard Surfaces

Mary Ylisela

Candles bring light and warmth to any room or outdoor area, but can leave behind a waxy mess that's difficult to clean up. It's not impossible to remove spilled, hardened candle wax stains from hard surfaces such as concrete, wood or metal furniture or flooring.

Beautiful candles can create a waxy mess.

Most of the supplies you'll need can be found in your home or at your local grocery store.

    Lift wax with a scraper.
  1. Scrape as much wax as possible off the surface using a plastic scraper. A plastic scraper is best as a metal scraper can damage the surface with scratches and indentations.

  2. The brown paper helps lift the stain.
  3. Cut a brown paper bag, the kind you get at a grocery store, so it's open and creates one large piece of brown paper. Lay part of the bag over the wax stain.

  4. Heat transfers the stain to the paper bag.
  5. Place the iron, warmed to a medium setting, over the brown paper bag and rub it back and forth over the wax-stained area. The heat from the iron will loosen the wax from the surface causing it to stick to the brown paper bag. Continually move the brown paper bag to a clean spot and keep ironing over the stain until the wax is removed.

  6. Save a few old dryer sheets for other household purposes.
  7. Buff the surface with an old dryer sheet. This works especially well on smooth surfaces. The old dryer sheet will pick up any remaining wax residue, leaving a clean and shiny surface.

  8. Sprinkle baking soda over textured or rough surfaces, such as concrete, and allow it to sit for at least two hours. The baking soda will soak up any residue left by the wax. Vacuum up the baking soda and check to see if you need to repeat this step for any leftover residue.

  9. Tip

    Place a small plate or wide candle holder under candles so they can't drip or spill onto other surfaces.


    Be careful of small children and pets when using a hot iron to remove wax.